El Carne King of Vallarta

Starts rehearsals September 13. Production opens November 10.
Instructors: Robert Cucuzza, Lena Sands, Bri Pattillo

Email Robert Cucuzza at cucuzzrj@laccd.edu for enrollment information.

Segismundo has been imprisoned in a Vallarta Supermarket meat freezer since birth by his father, El Carne King, the store manager, following a dire prophecy that he would bring disaster to the supermarket. In a moment of moral quandary, the father frees Segismundo, hopeful that he will prove himself as his rightful heir. But when the son gets intoxicated with his newfound freedom and goes on a rampage, El Carne King isolates him again, persuading him that it was all a dream...or was it?


Using Pedro Calderón de la Barca's classic Spanish play Life is a Dream and Dallas-based playwright Annie R. Such's modern adaptation as launching points, LA Mission College creates its own comedic take on this epic tale. By setting it in the storeroom of a Vallarta Supermarket and infusing it with the culture, language, people, and music of the Northeast San Fernando Valley, LA Mission Theatre Arts returns to live production with an energetic spectacle that speaks to our community.


El Carne King of Vallarta will be a fully-produced show that matches the scope and scale of previous show in the AMP Theater. All aspects of production, including presentation, will be conducted in-person, while adhering to the all current safety protocol as mandated by the state, city, and Los Angeles Community College District.

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