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Audition and interview information for El Carne King of Vallarta

Auditions and interviews for the LA Mission College Theatre Arts production of El Carne King of Vallarta will be held during the week of September 6th. Auditions will be held for nine roles. Interviews will be conducted for positions in stage management, scenic, lighting, costume, and prop design, and general production assistance. No prior theatre experience is necessary to participate in this production. We welcome students from all artistic and academic disciplines.

In order to audition or interview, you must first fill out this form. 

Auditions for actors:
El Carne King of Vallarta auditions will be held at 1:00 pm on Tuesday, September 7 in the Green Room in the AMP Building. There will be a sign-up sheet at the front desk in the lobby with 10-minute slots. Callbacks will be held at 10:00am on Friday, September 10 in the AMP Theater. You'll hear via email on Wednesday, September 8 whether you've received a callback or not.



  • Make sure that you've filled out the form at this link.

  • Select a role to audition for and prepare the corresponding scene (or 'side'), which you'll find linked as a PDF.

  • One of the most important things that we look for in actors is preparation, beginning with the audition. To prepare well for an audition requires learning the lines and physical actions in the side and then performing them.

  • You will have a 'reader' in the audition with whom you will perform the scene.

  • Please bring a headshot and an acting resume with you. The headshot doesn't need to be professional; we just need a picture of you. Even if you have little or no experience, please prepare a resume.

  • Even though gender pronouns are used in these descriptions, all genders are welcome to audition for all roles.

  • The play is in English but all of the characters sometimes use Spanish terms and phrases.


Rosaura. Cashier at Whole Foods. A woman who disguises herself as a man in order to seek revenge on Astolfo, who spurned her. Filled with loyalty, passion, and cunning. In possession of a mysterious sword which she has no problem using to protect her integrity. Involves stage combat and sword fighting.
"Rosaura" audition side.


Clarin. Comic character who reluctantly accompanies Rosaura on her quest to Vallarta. Obsessed with food, but unwilling to work for it. Seems dim on the surface but reveals themself as being very wise. Uses Spanish and English interchangeably. 
"Clarin" audition side.

Segismundo. Imprisoned in the meat freezer of Vallarta for 24 years. Impulsive, animalistic, and in possession of a volcanic temper. Will murder anyone who crosses him...until he learns the finer points of morality. Actor must be physically and vocally expressive and have the capacity to transition from a wild beast into a king. 
"Segismundo" audition side.


Clotaldo. Assistant manager at Vallarta. Segismundo's jailer, teacher, and only friend. A father figure to many...except to his own long-lost daughter. Fiercely loyal to his king, whomever that may be. Unsophisticated but wise. A fighter. Involves stage combat and sword fighting. Uses Spanish and English interchangeably.
"Clotaldo" audition side.


Astolfo. Former assistant manager at Whole Foods. Believes himself to be next in line to the throne of Carne King and the rightful husband of Estrella. A shameless womanizer and egotist. Possesses a seductive command of language...that seduces no one but himself. At his core, a coward. Uses Spanish and English interchangeably and poetically...but pronounces Spanish as if it was English. Involves stage combat and sword fighting.
"Astolfo" audition side.


Estrella. Assistant manager at Whole Foods. Ambitious and straightforward. Accompanies Astolfo on his mission to be crowned Carne King, hoping to share in the fortune. Discovers that in order to do so, she must marry Astolfo, whom she despises.
"Estrella" audition side.


Basilio. El Carne King of Vallarta. A man at the end of his career, ready to turn over the crown to his heir. Fair and even-keeled, until he's pushed to the limit by Segismundo, his son. This role requires the ability not only to memorize long lines accurately, but to perform them with an ear for compelling storytelling. 
"Basilio" audition side.


Jesus. Security guard at Vallarta. Partner of Mary and the always-absent Joseph. His name is pronounced the American way, which causes a great amount of confusion. Starts out as a follower; ends up as a leader.
(Please prepare one of the sides for another character.)


Mary. Security guard at Vallarta. Partner of Jesus and the always-absent Joseph. Her outspoken nature leads her to be thrown into the box crusher by Segismundo, only to be resurrected later in the form of the leader of an employee uprising.  
(Please prepare one of the sides for another character.)



Interviews for design and production roles:
Interviews for all production and design positions will be held on Wednesday, September 8 at 11:00 and Thursday, September 9 at 12:30 in AMP109 (Robert Cucuzza's office). No previous theatre experience is necessary. If you have any prior artistic or management work that you'd like to share, please bring it to show us.

We are seeking students to join the company in the following positions:

  • Scenic — assist with building, fabricating, and organization of scenic elements

  • Props — assist in the shopping for and construction and organization of props

  • Costumes — assist in the shopping for and construction and organization of costumes

  • Stage management — 


Important dates

Once the company is formed, a rehearsal and production schedule will be created that accommodates everyone’s schedules. If accepted into the company, you should expect to be called to rehearsals or work parties on Fridays during the day.


All company members must to be available for full technical rehearsals in the week leading up to opening.


Friday, November 5 — 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday, November 6 — 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sunday, November 7 — off
Monday, November 8 — Tech rehearsal #1 - call time 5:30
Tuesday, November 9 — Dress rehearsal #1 - call time 5:00
Wednesday, November 10 — Dress rehearsal #2 - call time 5:00
Thursday, November 11 — off

Friday, November 12 — 7:00 pm
Saturday, November 13 — 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm
Thursday, November 19 — 7:00 pm
Friday, November 20 — 7:00 pm
Saturday, November 21 — 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Participation requirements

  • Production and performance of the show is technically part of a class called "Rehearsals and Performances."

  • If you are accepted into the company, you will be given an add code for one of three following courses, depending upon the time commitment necessary:

    • THEATER 291 Rehearsals and Performances 1 (1 unit)

    • THEATER 292 Rehearsals and Performances 2 (2 units)

    • THEATER 293 Rehearsals and Performances 3 (3 units)

  • In order to participate, you must be enrolled as a student at LA Mission College and have no academic holds or over-enrollments. You can be a full- or part-time student, or even only be enrolled in this one class.

  • Masks will be required in rehearsals, work sessions, and, if necessary, in performance.

  • Vaccinations are not yet mandated by the LACCD, however we expect that they will be in the midst of the Fall 2021 semester.

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