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Casting set for Peter and the Starcatcher

Casting has been set, the company formed, and rehearsals have begun for the fall 2017 production of Peter and the Starcatcher.


Robert Cucuzza


Jon Patrick Walker (guest artist)


Peter — Jean-Luc Berrospi-Remy

Prentiss — Nathan Williams

Ted — Lara Blanco

Molly — Aleyna Van Antwerp

Alf/Teacher — Julia Garcia Smith

Black Stache — James Cowan (guest artist)

Smee — Sienna Wescott

Grempkin/Fighting Prawn — Raul Prado

Slank/Hawking Clam — Bethany Redwood

Bumbrake/Scott — Jon Mendoza

Mack/Sanchez — Donavan Guerrero

Aster — Mark Lewis (guest artist)

Scenic Designer

Dorothy Hoover (guest artist)

Assistant Scenic Designer

Mariana Mandrake

Lighting Designer

Darius Gangei (guest artist)

Assistant Lighting Designer

Issac Gonzalez

Production Manager

Edison Lobos

Production Assistant

Hector Couzin

Costume Designers

Mia Tristan

Jasmine Cabadas

Stage Manager

Jonzel Hernandez


Lissa Favela


Darryl Redwood

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