by David C. Nelson

At a lonely bus stop, Tod gets a glimpse of his future and it's nothing like what he bargained for. David N. Nelson’s creepy and comical trip into The Twilight Zone asks big questions about mortality, yet provides no answers, except “Am I next?”

With Donavan Guevara, Raul Prado and Danny Patiño

Video by David C. Nelson, costumes by Angel Mia Tristan, lighting by Hector Couzin


by Brooke Lakes

Brooke Lakes takes us on a theatrical acid trip in her play, Just. Through bursts of color, dynamic tableaus, and silent action, Lakes tracks a nameless girl’s downward spiral from her childhood broken home all the way into addiction...and beyond. 

With Lara Blanco, Amber Barrera, Cecilia Muñoz, Danny Patiño. Aleyna Van Antwerp, and Jimmy Hernandez   

Video by Issac Gonzalez, costumes by Michael Gaitan, lighting by Sergey Nikitenko 


by Raymond Alvarez

This mind-bending dark comedy about the pitfalls of marriage starts off in a casket store and ends in a church. Raymond Alvarez gets deep into the mind of a bride on the run from herself, crafting a film noir world that doubles back on itself, leading to a final twist.

With Diana Haley, Jean-Luc Berrospi-Remy, Ana Valero, and Danny Patiño 

Video by Michael Covarrubias, costumes by Jasmine Cabadas, lighting by Ana Diaz 


by Christopher Marlowe / music and adaptation by Jon Patrick Walker

In this new musical from singer/songwriter and Broadway veteran, Jon Patrick Walker, the tale of Dr. Faustus and his pact with the Devil are set to a heartbreaking modern score. Using the original text from Christopher Marlowe’s 1604 play, Dr. Faustus, Walker brings this oft-told tale into the 21st century, where power plays appear to have unleashed the denizens of Hell among us, and the Seven Deadly Sins seem more deadly than ever before. Excerpts of the musical will be presented.

With Jon Mendoza, Bethany Redwood, Priscilla Soltero, Alexis Watkins, Aleyna Van Antwerp, Sienna Wescott, Jonzel Hernandez, and Jean-Luc Berrospi-Remy 

Video by Nathan Meza, costumes by Michael Gaitan, lighting by Shannon Cox

Director: Robert Cucuzza   // Stage Manager: Edison Lobos

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