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In Spring 2024, we will present the smash Broadway and Hollywood classic musical, Little Shop of Horrors. Adapted from a low-budget 1960 cult film of the same name, and written by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken (Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Beauty And The Beast, and Aladdin), Little Shop of Horrors has become one of the most popular musicals in the world.


In a failing flower shop on Skid Row, the nerdy Seymour Krelborn happens upon a new breed of plant, which he names “Audrey II,” after his co-worker crush. After an accidental taste of blood, Audrey II is revealed as a ravenous talking carnivore, and promises fame and fortune to long as he keeps feeding it. As Seymour continues to supply human flesh to the rapidly-growing Audrey II, he and Audrey realize their love for each other, and he must choose between love and the plant’s promise to escape Skid Row forever.

Little Shop of Horrors will be directed by Robert Cucuzza. Scenic design will be done by Cucuzza and Bri Pattillo, with lighting design by Pattillo and costume design by Lena Sands.


To interview for design or production position you must first fill out an interest form here.



After filling out this form, you will be contacted at the email you provide below with a link to sign-up for an interview time slot. Interviews will be held Friday, February 9th, 10am-1pm in the AMP Building in Robert Cucuzza's office (AMP109). 


To be considered you MUST fill out this form before your interview, AND sign-up for an interview time slot.


We are seeking students to join the company in the following positions:

Scenic design and construction — assist with building, fabricating, and organization of props

Props design and construction — assist with building, fabricating, and organization of props

Puppet construction — assist with building and fabricating of props

Lighting —assist with hanging, cabling, focusing, and programming lights

Costumes — assist in the shopping for and construction and organization of costumes

Stage management —  assist with the running of rehearsals and performances

Production assistance — general assistance in all areas



Before auditioning or interviewing, it's important to read all of the following information.



If you are added to the production team, you will be added to the course Technical Stage Production (TECTHTR 342), this is a 2 unit class which meets weekly for about 9 hours, exact schedule to be determined based on students' availability.


To participate, you must be enrolled as a student at LA Mission College and have no academic holds or over-enrollments. You can be a full- or part-time student, or even only be enrolled in this one class.



Little Shop of Horrors will be rehearsed and produced in the AMP Building on the LA Mission College campus. The show will presented in the AMP Theater.



There is no formal class schedule for this course. Days and hours will be defined by the area, each student's schedule, rehearsal times, shop hours, and work calls.


Group work calls for design and production students generally happen on Fridays. A shop hour schedule will be released after the company is formed.



All company members must to be available for full technical rehearsals in the week leading up to opening. In the interest form, you will see the production schedule.


We highly recommend that you watch any stage version of the musical, which you can easily find on Youtube. The 1986 film is great, but the script and songs are different from the stage version. By watching a production, you'll get a good sense of the style of the musical.

Little Shop of Horrors is a musical comedy that has 1960s-style soul, doo-wop, and rock music, as well as traditional Broadway songs. This is not a big dance show, although we will be looking for actors who can perform synchronized movement in rhythm.

We welcome students from all artistic and academic disciplines. In some cases, students who are current theatre majors and in good academic standing will be taken into consideration over others.


Rehearsals will begin in mid-February. The show performs seven times, from May 10-19, 2024 in the AMP Theater.

Seymour Krelborn: An insecure, nerdy florist's clerk and eventual hero of the story. He is sweet, genuine, and clumsy, with poor social skills. This role requires a strong singer with vocal range. Gender: Presents as a man.

Audrey: Sweet and innocent assistant in the flower shop. In an abusive relationship with Orin and the secret love of Seymour's life. Often played with a distinctive New York accent. This role requires a strong singer with vocal range. Gender: Presents as a woman

Audrey II: A vicious and crass alien plant, played by an actor who is located offstage for the entire show, providing a voice for a variety of puppets. This role requires a strong singer with vocal range. Gender: Any

Mushnik: The exasperated owner of the failing Skid Row flower shop and Seymour and Audrey's boss. Profit-driven, greedy, and manipulative. Has the broad and loud energy of a seasoned vaudeville comedian. Although this character sings, it's more of a comedic role and is not as vocally-demanding as others. Gender: Any

Orin Scrivello: Audrey's abusive boyfriend. A sadist in every way, enjoying inflicting pain on his girlfriend as much as on his dental patients. Although this character sings, it's more of a comedic role and is not as vocally-demanding as others. Gender: Male presenting

Crystal, Ronnette, and Chiffon: These three sassy characters pay homage to the doo-wop girl groups of the 50s and 60s, by acting as a Greek chorus who comments on the action. They also play mischievous street urchins. These roles require strong singers with vocal range. The musical's licensing company, Music Theatre International, recommends that these roles be played by people of color. Gender: Any

Chorus/Puppeteers: 4-8 additional actors to play a variety of characters on Skid Row. These actors will also puppeteer the increasingly large version of Audrey II. These are preferably singing roles, however we will consider non-singing performers, as well.

Intimacy Requirements: Although it's a musical comedy, domestic abuse and violence are aspects of the story and character relationships, specifically in the way that Orin treats Audrey. There is also physical intimacy, in the form of a kiss between Seymour and Audrey. These moments will be carefully choreographed in a private setting with an intimacy director, ensuring the physical, psychological, and emotional safety of all involved.



There will be two rounds of auditions: self-taped song submissions and callbacks. "Self-tape" means that you take a video of yourself singing and then submit it.

  • Self-taped song videos, resumes, and pictures are due by 11:59 pm on Monday, December 11.

  • Callbacks will be held on Friday, December 15 in the morning.



Please follow all instructions closely.

Choose which character or characters you'd like to audition for from the characters above.

Prepare the selection of the song listed for each character, as listed below. Use the karaoke versions that are linked. 

Seymour: "Skid Row (Downtown)"

(audition 2:10-3:27...starting at "Poor, all my life...") 

Use this link to practice and record: Skid Row (Downtown)

Audrey: "Suddenly Seymour"

(audition 2:30-3:13...starting at "Please understand that...") 

Use this link to practice and record: Suddenly Seymour

Audrey II: "Feed Me (Git It)"

(audition 1:05-1:50...starting at "Would you like a Cadillac car...") 

Use this link to practice and record: Feed Me (Git It)

Mushnik: "Ya Never Know"

(audition 0:00-0:43...starting at the beginning) 

Use this link to practice and record: Ya Never Know

Orin: "Dentist!"

(audition 1:22-2:17...starting at "Oh, shut up...") 

Use this link to practice and record: Dentist!

Crystal, Ronnette, or Chiffon: "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

(audition 0:00-1:15...starting at the beginning and singing both parts) 

Feel free to put your own spin on how you sing it

Use this link to practice and record: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Chorus/Puppeteers: "Little Shop of Horrors"

(audition 0:20-1:05...starting at "Little shop...") 

Use this link to practice and record: Little Shop of Horrors 



  • Record yourself in a quiet space.

  • Record yourself with a neutral background, preferably in front of a blank wall.

  • "Slate yourself" at the beginning of the video. State your full name, which role you're auditioning for, and what song you'll be singing.

  • We encourage you to work with others in preparing your song and recording your audition.

  • If you're auditioning for multiple roles, record them as separate videos.

  • If you need to use a room in the AMP Building, send an email to Bob Cucuzza at to arrange.

  • Upload your video to YouTube as an unlisted video.



  1. Fill out the Actor Info Form at this link.

  2. Email the following to Robert Cucuzza at

    1. Put in the subject line of the email: "Little Shop Audition - [your name

    2. Link to your Youtube self-taped song video or videos

    3. A resume with your work as an actor, no matter how small or few

    4. A headshot. If you have an actor headshot, attach that. Otherwise, please just send a nice picture of yourself.

    5. In your email, note which role or roles you're auditioning for.

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