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Mr. Grieves and The Vampires

Los Angeles Mission College Theatre Arts will present Mr. Grieves and The Vampires, an original adaptation of the 1915 French silent film series, Les Vampires.


The 100-minute dark comedy plays May 12-20, 2023 in LA Mission’s AMP Theater. Tickets are $20 for orchestra and $10 for mezzanine. 


In this lightning-fast world, intrepid journalist Philip Grieves goes to perilous lengths to bring down the brutal anarchist crime syndicate, The Vampires—masters of kidnapping, jewel heists, disguise, poison, getaways, and murderous chaos. Just as Grieves zeroes in, a nefarious new villain escapes from jail and uses the powers of hypnosis to bring The Vampires, Grieves, and the whole city to their knees.


Louis Feuillade’s masterpiece of silent film melodrama, Les Vampires, captured the collective fascination and anxiety of turn-of-the-century Paris, as technological advances threw the world into irrepressible anarchic motion…and the public couldn’t get enough. Associate Professor of Theatre Robert Cucuzza whittles the 10-episode series into 100 quick-fire minutes, and uses the silent films as a backdrop for a Technicolor world of anarchy, similarly steeped in crime, brutality, and technological chaos, filled with snappy dialogue and the pulsating alt-rock music of The Pixies.


Mr. Grieves and The Vampires cast includes Natalie Arrendondo as Grieves, Dennis Gonzalez as Mazamette, Diego Godinez as The Grand Vampire, Monserrat Lopez as Irma Vep, Sohail Rahman as Juan José Moreno, and Athiana Chaffino, Kaitlyn Ceballos, Stanley Herrarte, Abraham Cortez as “Baddies,” who play a variety of thieves, lackeys, goons, authority figures, and victims of crime, poisonings, and murderous urges.


Mr. Grieves and The Vampires is written and directed by Robert Cucuzza, who also did the scenic and sound design. Lighting and costumes are by Theatre Arts faculty members Bri Pattillo and Lena Sands, respectively. Video design is by guest artist, Ly Eisenstein, who returns to the AMP Theater after their work on She Who Was No More.

Show Info


The show runs 95 minutes with no intermission.

This show is set in a crass world of ruthless criminals, and there is a lot of foul language. There is nothing sexual in any of the language or behavior. 


This show is set in a crass world of ruthless criminals and murderers, and there is a lot of foul language. It is delivered primarily for laughs. There is nothing sexual in any of the language or behavior. 


And as much as you may think that your baby is well-behaved, a theater is not the place to find out. They make unpredictable sounds that will distract the audience and performers.


The AMP Theater is cozy but has been very cold. You may want to bring a jacket, regardless of the outside temperature.


We start our shows on time. Entering the theater after the show has begun can disturb both the audience and actors. Make sure that you arrive at the box office no later than 15 minutes before show time. 



Los Angeles Mission College

13356 Eldridge Avenue

Sylmar, CA 91342

If you're coming on a Thursday or Friday night and taking freeways, you should anticipate heavy traffic.



The AMP Theater is located in the Arts, Media & Performance building, next to the parking structure.



Free of charge, in the parking structure or on Eldridge Street.



The box office opens one hour before show time.



Cell phone usage of any kind is absolutely prohibited during the show. The light from screens is distracting not only for your neighbors, but especially for the actors. Photographs or video recordings of the show are also prohibited.


Written and directed by Robert Cucuzza

Adapted from the 1915 silent film series, Les Vampires



Natalie Arrendondo as Mr. Grieves

Athiana Chaffino as Jones/Polly Pinwheels/Marfa/Lola and others

Dennis Gonzalez as Mazamette/Farmer Bob/Pugenc

Stanley Herrarte as Buttons/Artie/The Commish as others

Abraham Cortez as Globe/Slick/Raphael Norton and others

Diego Godinez as Julot (a.k.a. The Grand Vampire)

Kaitlyn Ceballos as Mrs. Simpson/Ethel Florid/Ma Grieves and others

Monserrat Lopez as Irma Vep

Sohail Rahman as Harry the House Manager/Moréno

Delmi Belloso as Belva Bucco and others


Stage Manager Jacob Padilla

Assistant Stage Manager Delmi Belloso


Scenic and Sound Designer Robert Cucuzza*
Lighting Designer 
Bri Pattillo*

Costume Designer Lena Sands*

Video Designer Ly Eisenstein


Technical Director Danny Bride

Multimedia Specialist Johnny Phung

Costume Supervisor Fawn Trigili-Quinn

Hair & Makeup Designer Terresa Halstead

Assistant Scenic Designer Amanda Loa

Assistant Director Mary Zastrow

Assistant Lighting Designer Stephanie Campos-Romero

Scenic and Props Assitants April Guzman, John Ford, Tracy “Winston” Pelayo

Lighting Assistant Evelyn Godoy

Costume Assistants Sarah “Casey” Padilla, Jude Rivas

Sound Assistant Jovanni Arias

Makeup Assistants Kali Ayala, Meg Thatcher

Vampire/Spectre Logo Designer Sarah “Casey” Padilla

Directing Mentee Connie Frady

Poster Designer Adam Scott*

Production Assistant Aaliyah Gurrola

Box Office Manager Samantha Labrecque


Special thanks to Professor Adam Scott and his painting students for painting our punk flophouse set

Thanks to Rafa Posada and Volt Lites, Zach Moore of Meerkat Design, and the DJs at 88.5 KCSN, whose playlists of new and classic music provided the inspiration for the majority of music in this show

* LA Mission College faculty

Mr. Grieves and The Vampires playlist
There's a lot of music in this show and audience members have been requesting a playlist. So, here it is!
Spotify playlist

The Pixies (all but the last one are from their album, "Doolittle"

Monkey Gone to Heaven

Gouge Away


There Goes My Gun

I Bleed

Here Comes Your Man


Wave of Mutilation

Mr. Grieves




Where is My Mind


Tianna Esperanza

Buy You a New Attitude


The Slits

Heard it Through the Grapevine


Violent Femmes

Gone Daddy Gone


Sunny War

No Reason


Duke Ellington

Rockin’ in Rhythm


John Kirby



Staple Singers

Slippery People


Talking Head

Slippery People


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