Blood Wedding

Auditions and interviews for the LA Mission College Theatre Arts Fall 2022 production of Blood Wedding will be held during the week of September 5th.

Auditions will be held for approximately 12 roles and interviews will be held for crew positions in stage management, scenic and props, lighting, costume, sound, and general production assistance. No prior theatre experience is necessary to participate in this production. We welcome students from all artistic and academic disciplines, however in some cases preference will be given to students who are current theatre majors and need the course to complete their degree.

We are very excited to announce that accomplished actor and director Christian Barillas will be directing this production. Check out his web site here!


In a small rural village in Spain, a son has decided to marry a young woman from a neighboring village. His mother, overprotective after the deaths of her older son and husband at the hands of the Felix family, worries about his choice of bride and his departure from home. When they meet the bride and her father, the marriage is approved and the bridegroom is thrilled. However, the bride is secretly still in love Leonardo, a member of the Felix family. The wedding goes on and the guests start arriving, all while the bride is struggling with inner turmoil: can she be content in her choice of groom or will she be magnetically pulled to her other love, the enemy’s son? Secrets are revealed and choices are made that create chaos and havoc on the wedding day. Will the bride and groom end up together? Will the enemy prevail? How much blood will be spilled, and is it fate or is it chance? Federico García Lorca’s Blood Wedding is a beautiful balance of traditional romantic tropes and unconventional circumstances mixed with a little magic.

Information for ACTORS

All students who are interested in auditioning must first fill out this actor intake form.

Blood Wedding auditions will be held from 1:00-4:00 pm on Wednesday, September 7 in AMP120 in the Arts, Media & Performance Building. Fill out the intake form, and you will be emailed a link to select an audition slot for September 7. Callbacks will be held on Friday, September 9 at 10:00 in the AMP Theater. You'll hear by end of Wednesday, September 7 about whether you've received a callback or not.

DIRECTOR'S NOTE: Drama, comedy, heightened language, music, poetry, movement – this play has it all. Actors will have lots to do in this ensemble and some roles will be doubled. All gender and sexual identities welcome. Almost all roles will sing, but don’t worry, it’s not a musical. It will be simple country songs, often sung in groups. A few singing roles will be featured, as indicated in the casting breakdown below. Special skills a plus! If you’re proficient in any of the following, please prepare any material to showcase yourself: Singing, playing an instrument, physical skills such as dance, yoga, martial arts.


In order to audition, you must select a role to audition for and prepare a 'side,' or script excerpt. You will have a 'reader' in the audition with whom you will perform the scene. Please note: there are not sides for every role. Pick that side that you feel will show off your skills the best.


One of the most important things that we look for in actors is preparation, beginning with the audition. To prepare well for an audition requires learning the lines and physical actions in the side and then performing them.


Please bring a headshot and an acting resume with you. The headshot doesn't need to be professional; we just need a picture of you. Even if you have little or no experience, please prepare a resume.


Roles (some will be double-cast)

The Families
Boy. Queer young man that is engaged to the Girl, for whom he has genuine affection. Absolutely committed to the wedding, not because of true love, but because of societal pressure, religious expectations and family honor. His father and brother were murdered.


Mother. Mother to the Boy, she remains deeply in grief after her husband and son were murdered by Leonardo’s family. Trying to rebuild her life, but struggles with the lingering trauma, anger and fear. Clings to religion and structure, worries over her remaining son. Wealthy.


Girl. Dutiful young woman trying to do the right thing by marrying the Boy because that is what is expected. But her true love secretly belongs to Leonardo, her ex sweetheart who is now married to the Wife. She is desperately torn.



Father. Father to the Girl. Hardworking, humble family man, cares deeply for his daughter and his farm. A widower and peacekeeper with conservative values. Servant. Longtime servant in the Father’s house, she has grown to become a surrogate mother to the Girl. She runs the household, capable and adept. She wants what is best for the Girl, which means following the rules society has set up. Sings.


Leonardo. The Girl’s ex, now married with a baby. He regrets his past, resents expectations and challenges the norm. Unhappy in his life with the Wife, his true love remains with the Girl. A physical role. Wife. Leonardo’s wife, the Girl’s cousin. Secretly pregnant with Leonardo’s second child, she fears her husband is pulling away. Her mother, along with the rest of society, expect her to be an obedient and accommodating wife. Sings.



Wife. Leonardo’s wife, the Girl’s cousin. Secretly pregnant with Leonardo’s second child, she fears her husband is pulling away. Her mother, along with the rest of society, expect her to be an obedient and accommodating wife. Sings.

Mother-In-Law. Leonardo’s mother-in-law, a woman who conformed to a life in a loveless marriage to the Wife’s father. She senses strain in her daughter’s marriage to Leonardo and gets involved. Sings.


The Community

Neighbor. Neighbor and friend to the Boy’s Mother. Lives for gossip and knows everybody’s business. Conservative.


First Youth. Male. The Boy’s true love, but afraid to express it openly in a conservative society. He is incredibly loyal, protective and innocent.


Maidens. Young women in the town, one of whom is a child. Friends of the Girl, big dreamers, some hold secrets. Sings.


The Surreal

Woodcutters. Hardworking young men in the town. Unique and interesting physical types.


Moon. Heightened language, a physical role, genderless. Lots of possibilities. Perhaps a witch, perhaps a spirit, perhaps a dream.



Beggar. A physical role, genderless. Represents Death. Lots of creative possibilities, but certainly frightening, chilling, malevolent.





All students who are interested in interviewing for design and production roles must first fill out this D&P intake form.

We are seeking students to join the company in the following areas:
Scenic/props. Assist with building, fabricating, and organization of scenic elements and props

Lighting. Assist with hanging, cabling, focusing, and programming lights

Sound. Assist with playing sound cues in rehearsals

Costumes. Assist in the shopping for and construction and organization of costumes

Stage management. Assist with the running of rehearsals and performances

Production assistance. General assistance in all areas

No previous theatre experience is necessary.

Interviews for all design and production roles on Blood Wedding will be held from 1:00 to 4:00 pm on Thursday, September 8 in AMP109, located in the main lobby. Fill out the intake form and you will be emailed a link to select an interview slot.


Please bring a resume with you that shows any theatre work that you've done. If you have any prior artistic work that you'd like to share, please bring it to show us.



Before auditioning or interviewing, it's important to read all of the following information.



The show is created entirely in an LA Mission course called "Rehearsals and Performances."


If you are accepted into the company, you will be given an add code for one of three following courses, depending upon the time commitment necessary:

THEATER 291 Rehearsals and Performances 1 (1 unit) - about 5 hours per week

THEATER 292 Rehearsals and Performances 2 (2 units) - about 10 hours per week

THEATER 293 Rehearsals and Performances 3 (3 units) - about 15 hours per week


In order to participate, you must be enrolled as a student at LA Mission College and have no academic holds or over-enrollments. You can be a full- or part-time student, or even only be enrolled in this one class.


All Rehearsals and Performances courses are transferable to the California State University system.



Blood Wedding will be presented in the AMP Theater, according to any health mandates at the time of production.


Once the company is formed, a rehearsal and production schedule will be created that accommodates everyone’s schedules. This production may hold rehearsals in evenings and on weekends.

The course, and all work on the show, begins the week of September 12.


All company members must to be available for full technical rehearsals in the week leading up to opening.


Thursday, November 3 — 5:00-10:00 pm

Friday, November 4 — 10:00 am-6:30 pm

Saturday, November 5 — 10:00 am-6:30 pm

Sunday, November 6 — off

Monday, November 7 — off

Tuesday, November 8 — Tech run - call time 5:00

Wednesday, November 9 — Dress rehearsal #1 - call time 5:00

Thursday, November 10 — Dress rehearsal #2 - call time 5:00


Saturday, November 12 — 7:00 pm

Sunday, November 13 — 2:00 pm

Thursday, November 17 — 7:00 pm

Friday, November 18 — 7:00 pm

Saturday, November 19 — 7:00 pm

Sunday, November 20 — 2:00 pm



All rehearsals, work calls, and performances will be conducted in accordance with current state, local, and district health requirements.