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Los Angeles Mission College Theatre Arts presents 
El Carne King of Vallarta
NOVEMBER 18-20, 2021

Using Pedro Calderón de la Barca's classic Spanish play Life is a Dream and Dallas-based playwright Annie R. Such's modern adaptation as launching points, LA Mission College Theatre has created its own comedic take on this epic tale. By setting it in the storeroom of a Vallarta Supermarket and infusing it with the culture, language, people, and music of the Northeast San Fernando Valley, LA Mission Theatre Arts returns to live production with an energetic spectacle that speaks to our community.

When Rosaura travels from the Whole Foods in El Lago de Toluca to seek vengeance on her former lover, she arrives at the stockroom of Vallarta Supermarket where she stumbles into a dreamlike world of fractured family. El Carne King is about to hand over his throne to his rightful heir, a son whom he has imprisoned in the meat freezer since birth. On the eve of the coronation, El Carne King releases him to see if he is up to the task, only to discover that, without parenting, his son is a wild animal who thinks nothing of human life. An epic battle ensues, where sword clash, shopping cart butt heads, and piñatas explode...and yet forgiveness, compassion, and the bonds of family reign supreme, even in dreams

Ten Mission College actors, seven of whom are theatre majors, have been cast to create the epic and absurd world of El Carne King of Vallarta. The cast is made up of Daniel Anguiano (Nov 20), Natalie Arrendondo, John Barron, Alex Boch, Abraham Cortez (Nov 18-19), Philip Mejia, Ted Peszynski, Jackie Lopez, Monserrat Lopez, and Erick Tlatenchi. The Theatre Program has once again assembled a team of professional theatre artists and designers to work hand-in-hand with students to bring this production to life. Associate Professor Robert Cucuzza is the director, scenic and prop design is by LA Mission alum Natalie Morales, with lighting and costume design by new Theatre instructors Bri Pattillo, and Lena Sands, respectively. Sound design is by theatre major Danny Arzate. Stage management is by Josias Davalos, Osiel Macareno, and Jacob Padilla.


El Carne King of Vallarta is an adaptation of Annie B. Such's 2014 play Life is a Dream: A New Vintage, which is an adaptation of Pedro Calderón de la Barca's 1600s classic of Spanish drama, Life is a Dream. Such's script was adapted specifically for this production by Robert Cucuzza and Priscilla Soltero, with additional contributions from the cast of the show.

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