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AA-T in Theatre Arts

Our transfer degree in Theatre Arts gives students the building blocks and practical experience to transfer into larger theatre programs.

LA Mission College's Program Mapper is an excellent tool that gives you a detailed overview of this degree, including required courses, an easy-to-read program map, salary and career grown projections. You can go directly to the Program Mapper for this degree by clicking here.

Highlighted courses are offered in Fall 2022

Required courses include:

THEATER 200 Introduction to Acting

THEATER 100 Introduction to Theater


THEATER 110 History of the World Theater

Additional courses include:

THEATER 114 Script Analysis

THEATER 271 Intermediate Acting

THEATER 300 Introduction to Stage Craft

THEATER 310 Introduction to Theatrical Lighting

THEATER 315 Introduction to the Theatrical Scenic Design

THEATER 405 Costume Design

THEATER 450 Beginning Stage Make-up

THEATER 291 Rehearsals & Performances I


THEATER 292 Rehearsals & Performances II


THEATER 293 Rehearsals & Performances III

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