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Announcing the 2017 Stage & Screen Fest

Los Angeles Mission College Theatre is thrilled to again showcase original works by student playwrights and artists in the 2017 Stage & Screen Fest. Under the direction of Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts Robert Cucuzza, the festival features four short, professionally-produced world premiere plays written and created by LA Mission students. In collaboration with the LA Mission’s Multimedia program, each play will also have a dynamic video element. The festival runs May 19-20 in the Campus Center Main.

Auditions and interviews will be held to form a company of actors who will perform all roles across the four plays, as well as an entire design and production team made up of LA Mission students. Audition and interview information will be announced on Wednesday, February 8.

The plays selected for the 2017 Stage & Screen Fest are:


by David N. Nelson

At a lonely bus stop, Tod gets a glimpse of his future and it's nothing like what he bargained for. David N. Nelson’s creepy and comical trip into The Twilight Zone asks big questions about mortality, yet provides no answers, except “Am I next?”


by Brooke Lakes

Brooke Lakes takes us on a theatrical acid trip in her play, Just. Through bursts of color, dynamic tableaus, and silent action, Lakes tracks a nameless girl’s downward spiral from her childhood broken home all the way into addiction.


by Raymond Alvarez

This mind-bending dark comedy about the pitfalls of marriage starts off in a casket store and ends in a church. Raymond Alvarez gets deep into the mind of a bride on the run from herself, crafting a film noir world that doubles back on itself, leading to a final twist.


a company-created devised theatre production

The United States is in the middle of an upheaval and feels more divided than ever. As every day we are forced to question who we are as a country, we seem to ask ourselves every day who we are and who we are not. This devised theatre production explores putting the actual words of “the other” into bodies where they otherwise may not belong. Using interview transcripts of some of the most famous players on the national political stage, five actors challenge the notions of identity.

The 2017 Stage & Screen Fest is created, produced and performed by a company of students who are working under the direction and mentorship of Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts, Robert Cucuzza. The 2015 Stage & Screen Fest featured four student plays and a street dance performance by guest artist Boogie Frantick. With the projected opening of a state-of-the-art theater in the new Arts, Media & Performance Building in May 2017, Mission College has made a commitment to develop an interdisciplinary, contemporary culture of theatre arts that both reflects its diverse student body and provides practical experience in the production of live entertainment.

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